Information ľ the Icelandic Library and Information Science Association

(Upplřsing ľ Félag bˇkasafns- og upplřsingafrŠda)

 Introduction - The Merger of the Icelandic Library Associations

In Iceland four library associations officially merged in a meeting, held in ReykjavÝk, on November 26th 1999 and a new united association of professional librarians and paraprofessionals was founded. The name of the association is Upplřsing - Félag bˇkasafns- og upplřsingafrŠ­a. (Information - the Icelandic Library and Information Science Association).

A committee representing all of the former associations prepared the merger of the four associations and the preparatory work, which was very time and work consuming, took about two years. An overwhelming majority of librarians voted for the amalgamation in elections held in each of the associations in May 1999. Officially the new library association took over on January 1st, 2000.

The following Library Associations have merged into Upplřsing:

  • Bˇkavardafélag ═slands (The Icelandic Library Association)
  • Félag bˇkasafnsfraedinga (The Association of Professional Librarians)
  • Félag bˇkavarda Ý rannsˇknarbˇkas÷fnum (The Association of Research Librarians)
  • Félag um almenningsbˇkas÷fn og skˇlas÷fn (The Association on Public and School Libraries)

At the inaugural meeting on November 26th 1999 the new bylaws of the association were approved, the name decided and the new Board for Upplřsing was selected.

The new association took over all the rights and responsibilities of the former associations, which were abolished on December 31st 1999. It will therefore publish the newsletter Fregnir and the journal Bˇkasafnid and continue the membership of EBLIDA, IFLA, IASL and NVBF.

The main reasons for the amalgamation of the four associations was to join forces within the Icelandic library community, and one strong library association was considered to serve the needs and the purposes of the library committee better, especially in policy making and representing the librarians. Furthermore it would be labour-saving, e.g. to have only one executive committee instead of four, especially considering that the predecessors of the new library association were exclusively operated on voluntarily basis. It is plan-ned, as soon as there will be a financial basis for it by the library association Upplřsing, to hire a secretary general for the Icelandic library association.

The amalgamation should have a beneficial effect on general policy making in the field of library and information science in Iceland.

The association Upplřsing is primarily a personal membership organization, for professionals and para-professionals as well, based in Iceland, but hospitable to institutions and overseas members.

The Main Objectives of Upplřsing

The main objectives of Information - the Icelandic Library and Information Science Association are as follows:

  • To strengthen cooperation amongst libraries and the professionals working in the information field.
  • To encourage the development of Icelandic libraries.
  • To work for the recognition of the importance of the services of libraries and information centers within the Icelandic society.
  • To work with other Icelandic organizations with similar objectives and to strengthen contacts with organizations with similar objectives in other countries as well.