Libraries in times of crises- challenges and opportunities

Welcome to Chalmers Annual Library Seminar (ChALS)
– 23rd of September 2020!
ChALS is an annual one-day conference arranged by Chalmers Library. The conference is open for everyone and addresses everyone with an interest in library management and librarianship.
At the moment we’re facing a worldwide crisis through the Corona pandemic. For ChALS this year we wanted to take a look upon crises in general. We will listen to professor Andreas Vårheim teach us about libraries and resilience in our communities. Professor Lisa Hinchliffe will talk about strategic development of libraries’ responses to crises. Our aim is to look at what librarians can learn from the crisis we’re living in today and bring with us for future situations.
Cost:400 SEK
Due to Covid 19 the conference will be held digitally.
You are welcome to read the program and enroll at our webpage